. . . Don West, another one of Grogan Gallery of Fine Art’s multi-talented artists has a colorful past in set design for theater, among other noteworthy talents...such as being a published author. West spends his days painting in his studio or composing text for the printing of his second book. West’s paintings reflect a blending of his talents. His paintings are unusual in several ways. West is gifted in the art of illusion. He is able (when willing) to apply acrylic paints in such a skillful manner that one cannot tell whether the pigments used are acrylics or oil paints. Upon close examination, the trained eye can distinguish the two. Some of his compositions give the viewer the feeling of floating in outer space as well as inner space. West’s paintings have a surreal quality without being labeled as ‘surrealism’. His work varies in style and technique; however, they are never less than ‘intriguing’. For the Opening Show, the viewer will see bold colors and shapes from Don West… as well as innovative designs and original, alternative, techniques.

MB Honaker Grogan Gallery Oct 2006 Tucson, AZ


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