Selection of Novels and Art Catalogues written by Tucson author and painter Don West
Don West American Outsider Book


Don West / An American Outsider
Paintings 1977 – 2007

Compiled and edited by his wife, Barbara West, this book is an in-depth straightforward look at the evolution of an artist who paints in five seemingly distinct styles. This beautiful 120 page clothbound coffee table volume traces the connections and ties that underlie and thread through all of his work over a thirty-year period, to show the cohesiveness and inevitable development of his oeuvre. At 13” x 11,” it contains an introduction by Lauren Rabb, a foreward by Ian West, over 200 full color large-scale reproductions with complete show and personal chronologies, various show statements by the artist, several collectors’ statements, as well as over 20 historical black and white and color photographs by the editor.

Don West The Art of Murder

Welcome to THE ART OF MURDER, a world of high-class art theft, museum high-jinx, high-powered money brokers, foreign intrigue, and, of course, murder. This weighty, smartly plotted little novel is an inventive, intelligent, and hugely entertaining genre-buster--a spirited send-up with contemporary dimensions unusual in noir. It's an imaginative blend of sphincter-clenching suspense, clever dialogue, and comic observation. A hard-boiled narrator with a soft-boiled way, Nestor Pike's indomitably intuitive character and ever-resourceful wit drives this irresistible page-turner right through the heart from beginning to end. You laugh, you cry, you love these guys. This tale has it all, action, mystery, romance, and transformation.




Don West Dream of the Great Blue

PERFECT RELATIONSHIPS - 15 short stories

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